Book 1: Eragon (Inheritance, Book I)

Eragon (Inheritance, Book I)Author: Christopher Paolini, 2003
Genre: Fantasy, Youth Fiction
Format: Hardcover, 509 pages

In the immortal words of Andy Williams, “where do I begin?”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a “love story” for me when it came to reviewing this book. I really wanted to like “Eragon”; I was looking forward to reading it. However, the book really disappointed me. The plot was very vague, and even though the book was five hundred pages long, not many things actually happened. There was a lot of traveling and pointless talk, which dragged on and on for pages. Most of the events followed author’s “just because” philosophy, leaving me puzzled and thinking to myself: “So what?” Major dramatic events left me feeling nothing, as I did not care for any of the characters enough to sympathize them, which in turn has brought me to another point.

The characters themselves are very immature in terms of development. Even after finishing the book, I had no clue how Eragon, the central hero of the novel, looked like. The episodic characters appearing around him were nothing but bleeps of cardboard that would usually appear in b-movies and be disposed off within next few minutes for the sake of entertainment. A lot of them had real potential as being memorable, but the author fell short from utilizing that potential.

And no matter how smart the words that Paolini threw in might have sounded like, his inexperience showed through practically on every page. By the end of it I found myself skimming through paragraphs and checking the number of pages left. It wasn’t so horrible that I would sue Paolini for wasting my time, but I can’t imagine myself reading this book again or picking up its sequel any time soon.


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