The Tudors: Season 1

The Tudors: Season 1Mmm.. deliciously intriguing historical drama… What else can be better? 

The Tudors deliver a great mix of passion, power, lies and betrayal. It is historically inaccurate of course, but that’s besides the point. Those who are familiar with history might want to give in into a romanticized world of 16th century England, and those who have no idea will definitely be inspired to research more. I’ve been always interested in Henry VIII and his court, and especially his wives. What could possibly motivate them to fight for the king’s affection? Was it just a struggle for power, or was love involved in any of it? It is hard to judge what was happening in the women’s heads at the time, what kind of pain they endured and what happiness they experienced. Unfortunately, history only provides hard facts – who married whom and who died when, – emotions are omitted. The Tudors open doors to a whole new dimension of this history, and it’s undoubtedly fascinating.

SPOILERS AHEAD: Please be aware

I sure did sympathize with Katherine, Henry’s first wife. She loved her husband very dearly and suffered greatly of inability to give birth to a male heir to the throne. Henry blamed her for this misfortune, which considerably soured their marriage. To make things worse, the king became infatuated with young Anne Boleyn, who turned out to be exceptionally good at manipulating men, and whose father had grand ambitions regarding power. I disliked Anne a lot. I hated how she wove her web of lies around the king, securing her way to the throne. The pomp and ridiculousness of the two lovers publicly showing their affection disregarding all respect for the still reigning queen made me openly angry. I do hope that the entire scheming Boleyn family will soon get what they deserve. But knowing Henry’s tendency for falling in love over and over again, I’m sure my hopes are not empty.

The season finale was very promising for my liking. Henry started doubting his new parlament, he mourned the loss of his cardinal, and finally he got a taste of Anne’s virginity. After all, once the fobidden fruit is tasted, it becomes less interesting, does it not?

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