The Tudors: Season 2

The Tudors: Season 2I just finished watching the second season of the Tudors last night… and wow. It was much more fast-paced than the first season. There was also way less politics, and a lot more drama, which is a two-sided thing when it comes to historical fiction. On one hand I wanted to know as soon as possible what would happen to Anne Boleyn and her family. The tense drama kept me craving for more, and I would find myself indulging in two or three episodes a night. On the other hand, the political storyline gave the series more weight from the intellectual point of view. Without it, The Tudors came rather close to any other soap opera on the air. However, the costumes and the sheer richness of the setting counter-balanced that disadvantage. There was also way less pointless sex… and I guess it is another two-sided thing…

SPOILERS AHEAD: Please be aware

Ah Henry, where doth thee heart lie? Katherine is kicked out of the palace into seclusion and is forbidden to see her daughter. However, she doesn’t lose hope and still calls herself the true wife of the King. I think it was very gutsy of her. Unfortunately, succumbed by depression, she dies. When Henry reads her final letter, he weeps, and I believe it is one of the most touching moments between the two.

Meanwhile, failing to deliver a son the first time followed by a tragic miscarriage, Anne finds herself in hot water, as her husband again starts seeing mistresses and showing less interest in her opinions. And when Henry meets beautiful Jane Seymour, Anne realizes how high the stakes are with the next pregnancy. But everything goes against her when she sees Jane and Henry kissing. Distressed, she miscarries again. Needless to say, Henry is furious. I have to say that I hope Anne has finally understood what Katherine had to go through. Karma sure is a bitch. The King finally gives in to the rumours of the queen’s adultery and witchcraft, and orders to execute her on charges of high treason. I can’t believe myself, but at this point I am not sure if I still dislike Anne with burning passion or just feel bad for her. She’s got what she deserved, yet it’s rather unfair, how Henry just uses the rumours (that are untrue by the way) to get rid of her.

Even though I look forward to the next season, I feel like the best part is already behind. I know how it all ended according to history, but I still would like to know what The Tudors has in store for us.

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