National Geographic: February 2009

National Geographic (02/09)ESCAPE FROM NORTH KOREA: This was such a moving article, it brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t really known anything about North Korea and the people that live there, so this kind of revelation was almost shocking. The article follows two separate groups of people trying to break out of the dictatorate of the country and cross the South Korean Border. Black (his name was changed to protect his family back home) lost his girlfriend on the way and had to endure this journey alone. While  traveling through China by train he had to pretend to be asleep or drunk, just so that security wouldn’t ask him for documents. If they knew he was North Korean, he’d be deported back and sent to prison camp for treason. Red and White are two young girls, who ran away to China just to be sold as prostitutes. They lived in constant fear to be caught, trying to make their way out. After being transported like cattle and stored in a human warehouse for several months, they were finally granted the refugee status and allowed to live in South Korea. But even there, they are still reluctant to leave their apartments for fear of being recognized as runaways from the North.

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