Alison Weir fever

Alison WeirIn continuation with my love for Tudors I must mention my ultimate lust list item, – well, four items, to be precise – Easton Press’s 4 volume Tudors collection by Alison Weir:

  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  • The Children of Henry VIII
  • The King and His Court
  • The Life of Elizabeth I

I’d be one happy camper if I could add these masterpieces of historical nonfiction to my library. However, today I got one step closer to fulfilling this dream. After spending unbelievable amounts of money at an online used book store, I finally purchased The Children of Henry VIII. It’s amazing how hard it is to find the books from the series considering they were reprinted only a few years ago. Hopefully good luck will be on my side. So far it’s been pretty good, as this morning I also found Weir’s relatively new book (just a plain hardcover) Innocent Traitor on sale for $6.99 at my local bookstore. Another great addition!

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