Question of the day.

Booking Through Thursday is a great blog that offers weekly book-related memes. Sometimes it’s so wonderful to see the questions that have been lingering in your head for a while.

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Mariel suggested this week’s question: Book Gluttony! Are your eyes bigger than your book belly? Do you have a habit of buying up books far quicker than you could possibly read them? Have you had to curb your book buying habits until you can catch up with yourself? Or are you a controlled buyer, only purchasing books when you have run out of things to read?

When it comes to books, I’m a terrible, terrible glutton! I’m definitely unable to control myself. My boyfriend gave up on making fun of me, because it’s been happening too often and for way too long. I buy most of my books online, so I get a new package in the mail at least once a week. Needless to say, it’s impossible for me to catch up on all these books. On top of that I buy my precious leather bound classics, which also cut into my reading time. I’ve never really tried to limit my purchases, or wait till I’m done with current books. Part of it has to do with my dream to build an extensive library filled with books that are important to me. Often I would see yet another volume that I think would enrich my collection, so I’d have to snag it right away. Also, I’ve been on the lookout for first editions lately. And since the best way to secure your copy is to buy it when it’s released, I usually end up with a new book before the old ones are read.

Or something…


  1. I do the same exact thing!
    I LOVE the appearance (and price) of the Barnes and Noble leatherbound classics. Even though I haven’t read a single page of any of the books yet (I will, eventually), I’m still glad I purchased the books. They also look great on my bookshelf.

  2. It’s hard to resist a beautiful book! I own most of the B&N leatherbound classics, and love reading them on a cold winter day like today. I hope someday you’ll enjoy all of those books inside and out. Thank you so much for your insight!

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