Soundtrack: After Dark by Haruki Murakami

Blues etteHaruki Murakami is known for his love of music. It’s no wonder the writer includes numerous references to jazz, classical and pop tracks to enhance our reading experience. I’m sure there are many people besides me who enjoy coming up with suitable “soundtracks” when reading a book. Murakami’s novels already come with music that the author thinks transcribes his vision. By employing our hearing senses, the author creates another dimension by which he can effectively communicate with the reader. Maybe that’s why Murakami’s works come to life the second we crack open the first page. 

Here’s the list of the songs and motifs that Murakami mentioned in After Dark. Since I’ve already read the book, listening to these tracks provided me with a farther insight into the book’s core and the author’s creative process. I do highly recommend to actually play the songs during reading, as it definitely takes the experience to the entirely new level.

  1. Go Away Little Girl – Percy Faith and His Orchestra
  2. Five Spot After Dark – Curtis Fuller
  3. The April Fools– Burt Bacharach
  4. More – Martin Denny
  5. My Ideal – Ben Webster
  6. Sophisticated Lady – Duke Ellington
  7. Jealousy – Pet Shop Boys
  8. I Can’t Go for That – Hall and Oates
  9. Theme from Love Story – Francis Lai
  10. Sonnymoon for Two – Sonny Rollins
  11. Bomb Juice – Shikao Suga

Note: After Dark mentions a few musical pieces that were not named specifically (ex. Bach’s piano piece). These are not included in the list.


  1. Thanks, just what I needed!

  2. Loved the music and the book!!

  3. Murakami’s books are not only pleasurable to read, but also a treat to listen to. Whenever I read his books and come across a song, I always look it up and play it in the background.

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