Book 10: Coraline

coralineAuthor: Neil Gaiman, 2002
Genre: Horror, Youth Fiction
Format: Hardcover, 163 pages

Coraline is a charming yet terrifying novella. For being a children’s book, it sure gave me chills at times. It sort of reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro with that scary feeling of a cruel fairytale. It is the story of a lonely girl who one day finds a passage to a strange place that promises her everything she ever wanted, but for a great price. To come back home she must find her parents, free lost souls, and fight the terrible evil that created this magical place.

The Other World is very imaginative, and Neil Gaiman did a great job at keeping the reader’s attention. Once the search for the children’s souls and Coraline’s parents began I couldn’t put the book down. A real page-turner. The girl’s adventure in the deserted theater and the gloomy cellar surely kept me on my toes, and the character of Beldam turned out brilliantly menacing. At first I thought I’d read another childish story, but Coraline proved itself exceptionally original and satisfying. A great book that I’ll read many times more.


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