Book 11: The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard BookAuthor: Neil Gaiman, 2008
Genre: Horror, Youth Fiction
Format: Hardcover, 312 pages

The Graveyard Book opens with a murder, as three family members are slaughtered in their sleep. However, one victim slips past the mysterious culprit. An innocent todler escapes by sheer luck and wonders into old cemetery following his desire to explore. The little boy finds refuge with a family of local ghosts, who decide to adopt him. Thus begins the story of Nobody Owens who grows up in the graveyard learning the ways of the dead, unsuspecting that the man who killed his family is still looking for him outside the cemetery gates.

After being completely entranced by Coraline, I just had to get my hands on The Graveyard Book, and I wasn’t a bit disappointed. Neil Gaiman created yet another fascinating world in which childhood dreams meet mature execution. The story is fresh and imaginative: the ancient crypt where the Sleer awaits and the brute land behind the ghoul gates are by far my favorite parts of the book. The old characters like ghosts and werewolves that are so overplayed by every horror book out there seem to take on a new twist. Their supernatural identities are presented as ordinary, giving them more room to develop as characters without the usual “cardboard” monster feel. Don’t tell me you didn’t love Silas! It was refreshing to focus mostly on his role as Bod’s guardian rather than his origins. Even though I didn’t find The Grave Yard Book as spooky as Coraline, I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to anybody. [Buy]


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