A long break

It’s rather sad for me to see this place in such a state of neglect. This year has been very busy for me in all aspects. I had to juggle university, work, and my upcoming internship overseas. I barely have time to crack open anything besides textbooks, and it’s really depressing me. If only I was leaving in my dream with its perfect little house and a perfect little library full of old leather-bound tomes. Then I would wake up in the morning, make some hot jasmine tea, and curdle up in a big armchair with my favourite book. Then I’d be happy. But for now all I can do is frantically run around finishing papers, listen to clients complaining, and packing fr my trip. Where does time fly?

I did finish the Hobbit read-a-long, but never got around posting my thoughts about it. One of these days I should do it. I am worried, however, that my memories of the book are fading, and that I could say so much more only a few months ago. Other than that I did start a few novels here and there, identity of which I should probably keep in the shadows for now, as I am not all that certain when I would get a chance to finish those. Hopefully as summer comes, I will get an opportunity to read again, and rejuvenate this blog. Ah, the dreams!

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