Second chance


I needed a necessary break from blogging. During this break I finished a few books, but did not feel the pressure to write about them. Doing that made me realize how much blogging helped me remember details of the story, and how I needed to change the approach to process itself. Sometimes I felt obligated to write something, even when I didn’t have much to say. Obviously, my post seemed forced, which consequently turned me off from writing. Also, the break made me think about my reading habits. I am by no means a speed-reader. It takes me a good chunk of time to finish a book. Also, no matter how interesting is the book for me, I tend to fall asleep while reading, unless I am sitting upright. Sometimes I think it’s a curse. This was something I needed to work on. Finally, after reviewing my books on this blog, I realized how unfocused my selections were. I don’t regret reading any of the books listed, but I noticed that my blog is definitely lacking some titles that originally made me want to blog. Therefore, today I make it my goal to read more classic novels and childhood favorites, and to blog more often about them. I will try a few different approaches, trying to find the one that works best for me, and hopefully change my reading habits.

My decision to change the direction the blog was going came from checking out my statistics on Turns out, most of the books I own and read have been published in 2000-2010. I could not believe my eyes. I’ve always thought that older authors came as priority in my reading selection. Therefore, starting this year I am making it my goal to catch up to my own expectations and finally tackle all those wonderful oldies I always meant to read. Another goal for this year came out of my university class (surprise-surprise, I actually pay attention during lectures). Last semester I took an English class that was taught by a wonderful, fascinating and charmingly quirky professor. I might have skipped reading assignments a few times, and I might have put only half an effort into my essays, but she definitely taught me one thing – I have to read critically, I have to question the author. From now on I would like to follow this mantra and read between the lines. Call it my late New Year’s resolutions.

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