What to read? V.2

As promised, here’s part two of my musings on what to read this year. My previous post listed some typical classic literature that many consider necessary to be read at least once in their lifetime. It also mentioned some ambiguous authors that deserve more love in the reading community. Today I would like to outline my plans regarding books that are not considered classics in a classical sense (what? tautology?! I love not making any sense). These books are classics of fantasy and children literature. When I was a kid, I read often, but my choices were rather strange: Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Alfred Hitchcock were my favorites. Strangely, I missed out on everyone’s favorites like Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, or Chronicles of Narnia. In a way it makes me sad that as a kid I didn’t experience these classics, and that the adult me will never relate to them the way a child would. I am planning to read these, keeping in mind that I might not have the same reaction to them as others who grew up on the books would.

Of course, I did have a chance to read some children literature back in the day, but these books are rarely mentioned in North America, though they are quite popular in Europe. I remember spending hours reading about the mysteries of The Three Investigators, or Nils’s amazing flight with the geese, or fun misadventures of Karlson. Revisiting these books would be a treat for myself, as I have not picked those up in at about 15 years. My bookish senses are tingling!

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  1. adetokunbohr · ·

    I didn’t read Chronicles of Narnia too. Still haven’t read it.

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