Waiting is the hardest part.

This is what came in today in my mailbox – two new Penguin Classics from Book Depository. I love this online store, because they have a huge selection of books at great prices (cheaper than most other retailers) and free shipping worldwide at no minimum purchase. The only negative experience I’ve had with these guys was when I realized that the price of the book I bought just a week prior went drastically down. I emailed the store right away asking if they could somehow compensate me, only to get a reply that they do not do price adjustments. The situation was rather disappointing to me, because I could have  bought another paperback, if I could save that money. However, if you know what you want and are not worried about fluctuating prices, this is a great store to shop from.

I haven’t bought books in a while, trying to cut my spending and using my university library for most of my reading needs. My will power was quickly crushed when I received an email from Book Depository offering me a 10% off coupon on items from my wishlist. I realized that the discount was not very significant, but to an addict like me it was heaven sent. I purchased quite a few books, shattering my budget to pieces, and these are two that arrived first. I guess the store is trying to cut the cost of shipping by sending each item separately, but I have no patient to wait!

I bought Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone, because I borrowed the book from the library last year and really loved it. Now I am obsessing about owning his entire bibliography. Yes, it is that good! My second choice fell on Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which I have been planning to re-read for ages. The first time I gave the novel a go was about 15 years ago, so it is about time I refreshed my memory.


  1. I love Wilkie Collins and The Moonstone is one of my favorite! There are so many good ones, not sure I can pick a second favorite–perhaps Armadale.

  2. Armadale is sitting on my wishlist right now, but I haven’t heard many people discussing it. It seems interesting from description, so I am happy that somebody can recommend it over some of his famous works like Woman in White. Definitely picking that one up the next time I decide to go book shopping.

  3. Among my book friends who have read several of Collins’ works, there seem to be two factions: those who prefer The Moonstone and those who prefer The Woman in White, lol. Since you loved The Moonstone, it bodes well for your enjoyment of Armadale. I forget which is considered Wilkie’s other book in the big four. I think it might be No Name, another I enjoyed more than The Woman in White.

  4. I believe you’re right, No Name is the other one of his famous writings. I see I still have a long way to go, since the only book of his I’ve ever read was The Moonstone. But in a way I’m glad I have so much to discover still. I wonder which novel I would like best.

  5. It’s very much a matter of taste. I can say that I liked Armadale better even than I liked The Moonstone. I got very involved with the characters. I think that might have made the difference.

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