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What’s happening here? The blog has been quiet this past month as even though I have been reading, I haven’t thought much about writing. Instead, I’ve been settling down in my new place, looking for a full-time job and actively missing my parents. Life so far has been a wild goose chase and it doesn’t seem to want to slow down. I could use a vacation right about now.

I’ve also been thinking about my approach to blogging lately. To put things in simple terms, I have been writing only upon completion of a particular book and nothing beyond that. I haven’t really been showing myself as a person, and believe me, there is a lot to show. I am interested in a multitude of things in and outside of reading. I have many ideas I’d like to incorporate here, sometimes stepping outside the routine reading updates. Two years ago, when I revitalized this blog, I opted for studying only classic literature thinking it would help me grow more as a person. Maybe I shouldn’t limit myself. I’ve been turning to fun contemporary books here and there, yet I kept feeling guilty for it. But I shouldn’t. After all, this is not a professional blog by any means; I am not after fame and fortune; I don’t care about publishers sending me review copies; it doesn’t matter if only one person reads this, or one million. This is me, and these are my memories. I just don’t mind sharing them.

So, what should this place expect in the next couple of weeks? Hopefully, regular updates. Maybe I will include my commentary on magazine and newspaper articles that catch my attention. I will work on improving my monthly updates by including some fun features into them. And finally, work on my new badges category I discussed earlier in the year. Time to get to work.


  1. The badge idea definitely sounds like fun! I find that I am unreasonably motivated by things like badges or ‘achievements’. I don’t know why it works on me, but it does.

  2. The achievements are my favourite part of reading on my Kobo. I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into my blog as well. 🙂

  3. I think you are great, you are living your life in the best way as you know it and enjoying reading cos you like and enjoy it just like me. the difference between you and me is that you write your thoughts on what you read and keep record while I simply enjoy the book maybe got inspired into certain action or simply forget about it but I think what you are doing is great and you have inspired me to buy a book of the record of the books I read and my thoughts on them! big up to you 🙂

  4. Thank you Betty, your comment made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m glad I did something as significant as inspire you to keep a track of your reading experiences. I cannot recommend it enough. I’m sure someday you will flip through the pages of the book and enjoy chuckling at your own silliness or wonder about unexpected wisdom left by a younger you. I wish you luck and hope to see you here again!

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