Bookstore Loot

Last weekend I had a chance to visit Value Village, since I had some time to kill and it was nearby. I usually prefer Goodwill because of lower prices, but this Value Village had a much bigger book section, so I gave in. Looking for books in a thrift store is like digging for treasure – you never know what beauty you might discover. But, like in any treasure-hunting adventure, there are also hidden booby traps like “irresistible deals” and “crap that you think you need” that might throw you off track or even plague you with the horrible curse, also known as buyer’s remorse.  I usually set a few rules before shopping in order to avoid impulse buys.

First and foremost, I promise myself to buy only something that has actually been on my wishlist. I don’t randomly buy a book just because of a blurb or a cover – there is a library for that. I used to and I got burnt more than once. The second rule constitutes that I only reach for the book if it is an edition I want. Certain books I want only in hardcover (like epic fantasy) and some only in paperback, so there is no sense in jumping at the cheap deal if it is not going to fit into my library. Last year I got a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for only $2 at a garage sale, but it was a totally different edition from the ones I already had. I already know I will be replacing it one of these days. My third rule is to never buy books in poor condition.  They are too fragile for reading, might be missing pages, and would ultimately look awkward on the shelf.

Bookstore loot

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo $4.99; The Mists of Avalon $4.99; The Once and Future King $2.99

Having all these rules in mind, I managed to snag these three wonders without crying afterwards. I confess that I had to steer myself away from some books once or twice (like a mass market paperback of The Eye of the World), but I remained successful. Once again, however, I failed to find Stephen King’s It, The Stand, and The Shining in hardcover. Thrift stores are usually full of King’s novel, but never the ones I am looking for. Maybe next time I will check out a Goodwill.


  1. I really resent that I paid 8,99 for my The Once and Future King. Just kidding, but no really, this was an amazing deal (which is the sort of thing I’m crap at finding). Have you read it before? I’m in the middle of mine and loving it right now. I haven’t read the other two, but they defiantly are in my TBR pile. Enjoy your new books 😀

  2. Yep, I was pretty happy with my find. I haven’t read The Once and Future King yet, but it is part of my TBR 2013 challenge – perfect timing! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so I’m glad you’re loving it so much! Hopefully I can get to it sometime this summer and finally enjoy it too.

  3. The Once And Future King is an essential Arthurian piece, and important to knowing variations on the legend. That being said, the first section is a light, slightly satirical take, and then the rest of the book becomes dark and serious. Overall, worth reading for any epic fantasy fan.

  4. I’ve heard very mixed reviews about it, but I have high hopes for Once And Future King. I am trying to finally plunge into Arthurian mythology and literature (a topic that has always fascinated me), so I think starting with a true classic would be a good choice. Thanks for warning me about the shifting moods of the novel (maybe they won’t catch me by surprise then). 🙂

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