Reading calendar [April 22, 2013]

Just as planned, I finished The Name of the Rose this past weekend. I really needed to just sit down and finish that book. Things made more sense that way. I am pleased with the ending, in a sense that I did not really expect the solution to the mystery to unfold the way it did. I think I will now put The Foucault’s Pendulum on my TBR, since Eco is pretty much amazing. Besides accomplishing that, I also cleaned up my “currently-reading” shelf and finally finished House and Philosophy. I have some mixed feelings about it, since I loved some essays and got desperately bored by others. But still, it was not sufficient enough of an excuse to drag this book out for over a year (can’t believe it took me that long). I will be continuing to post my notes in weeks to come, instead of doing a traditional review-type of post. As a spur of the moment I also picked up Psycho by Robert Bloch, which became the basis of Hitchcock’s famous masterpiece. It was short, punchy and of course creepy, just what I needed for a gloomy Sunday evening.

So, what am I to read this week? As I mentioned many times before, I am quite a bit behind on my reading calendar. Since I still don’t feel like pressuring myself into catching up, I think I will just focus on bringing myself up to pace with A Storm of Swords. I don’t really want to spoil the book for myself by watching the series first; and I also don’t want to get bored watching something that I would already expect to happen. Because of this weird OCD of mine, I’ve been trying not to get too far ahead in neither the book or the show. Unfortunately, I am about 200 pages behind in reading, and the TV is starting to give away things I am not really ready for yet. So, quickly catching up this week would be a good idea.


Image Credit: Worgue @DeviantArt


  1. It’s been killing me not to start the show before reading the books (at least the first one), especially when my mum is loving both so mush and keeps pestering me to read it already. A Storm of Swords is the second one right? Did you like the first? Is it too different from the series?

  2. A Storm of Swords is the third in the series. A Clash of Kings precedes it, and is second. My one advice to you is to wait no longer and start reading! But be warned, there are so many characters, you might get confused who’s who. That’s why I initially started to watch the series – to basically sort everyone out. Once I grasped the main cast, I was golden (also helps that the show is amazing!). The TV adaptation is extremely well done. The first season is almost word for word same as The Game of Thrones (book 1). Second season deviated in some scenes, but nothing too crazy. A few minor storylines were changed to reduce the number of characters, but overall it was done tastefully. I wouldn’t worry about the show taking too many liberties, since George R. R. Martin is the lead writer for them, so whatever changes are done are approved by the author himself. So far I am in love with the series, so do give it a shot!

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