Top Ten Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick Up A Book

toptentuesdayI couldn’t wait for this meme to be featured! I’ve been meaning to do a similar post for some time, but seeing how favorite topics in books are being discussed through TTT, I decided I might as will join. I am also providing Goodreads links to books that ended up on my TBR because of my obsession with these topics, so hopefully you’ll find something to add to our pile as well. This fun and challenging meme is of course brought to you by the beautiful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish, so go check them out.

1. Natural and Micro History: nonfiction topics like evolution and extinction are the first to grab my attention in a bookstore. I am yet to try a bio-thriller, so I cannot comment on fiction selections. I find micro histories that explore one subject’s influence on the world’s development or one species’ involvement with humans truly fascinating.
2. History of Ancient Civilizations: give me any nonfiction on Egypt, England, Rome or Scandinavia and I’m in heaven. I am also currently venturing into historical fiction set in these parts of the world. Can’t decide whether I should first read a straight-up adventure story or a brooding war tale.
3. Swashbuckling: salty dogs and vicious pirates! Swordsmen dueling for love and honor! Pure adventures of high seas and court intrigues!
4. Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima: I’ll adventure into anything by these two authors. Whether I’m in the mood for surreal everyday or descent into madness, I know I can count on these guys.
5. Cunning Sleuths: I like both to indulge in classic characters of the genre and to discover newer little gems. If it is a popular ongoing series, it’s even better.
6. Sad Endings: I enjoy to shed a tear or two over a book that tells of love that was realized too late or explores feelings of two lovers separated by fate. Sometimes I need a book that lingers there for days and makes me sigh in compassion.
7. Small Town Horrors: evil slumbering in the sewers, sinister carnivals passing by, monsters dragging neighbors into the dark woods nearby… What else can a reader need?
8. Tudors: fact or fiction, don’t matter. Ever since watching the tv series of same name, I have been living and breathing the real-life drama and suspense that were the Tudors.
9. Treasure Hunting and Lost Worlds: there was much said on this blog regarding the topic. Puzzles and old maps are my ultimate guilty pleasure. If you have any books to suggest, please never hesitate. I am always looking for the next best adventure.
10. Mythology: I am interested straight records of old myths, as well as some works on interpreting them. I am also tempted to try fictional encounters with ancient gods and monsters.


  1. Interesting choices. I stay far, far away from some of your subjects (#1, #2 and #6), but I do love a small town setting, especially one where something sinister hides behind its quaint, cozy facade …

  2. Hi not sure if you accept requests for book reviews? That’s fine if you don’t, what an incredible blog, so many books! My contact info is below, no need to reply!

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