Library Sale Loot


library loot 1 library loot 2library loot 3library loot 4


  1. Wow, nice collection of books you picked up! May I just say that I find the pictures interesting – the way you combined the books with perfume. I wrote a post about it, if you want check it out: Perfume and Books

  2. I am very happy with the results myself. I wasn’t as lucky last time I went, so it was great to see some amazing books up for grabs. I am overjoyed to finally find It by Stephen King, which I’ve been looking for everywhere for some time! I was actually so thrilled, I decided to stop by two more used books stores on the way home, the results of which I am yet to post. Good thing all of these were $1-2 each.

    What an interesting coincidence, I must say. I never really thought about the connection of perfume and books, but your post is lovely and spot on! I actually really enjoyed Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, but never really stumbled on any other book exploring scent (especially such illusory one as a scent of a woman).

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