Reading calendar [May 6, 2013]

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to post this yesterday. Sorry about that~~

All right! The first week of May is almost done and I’m still sitting in the dungeon of unfinished books, slowly digging my way out and yet somehow adding more and more bricks to the impenetrable walls (maybe my subconscious likes it here, and that is why it exercises procrastination every time I am trying to escape). Conspiracy theories aside, I did finish The Visitant! Woohoo! I was really stressed out about returning it to the library before finding out the ending, but now I can peacefully send it on its way for the next reader to discover. I am also halfway done with Conan, so that’s something.

This week I am also starting two heavy books: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, as well as It by Stephen King. These I will be reading over the next few months and hopefully finish by the time September is here. Gosh, this year is flying by really quick, now that I am planning so far ahead. How OCD is that? I still find that slowly going through a lengthy novel, rather than pushing myself to finish it within a week or so, really helps me to stay focused. It works for some people, and doesn’t for others. It just happens that it works for me. During the weekend I am also hoping to finish the second book of 1Q84, which should be a pretty light and mind-boggling by default. Other than that, I am not promising to read more than I can chew, so to speak. Lets see if I get myself derailed once more by something shiny and new!



  1. Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is definitely a long one, but I really enjoyed it. Hope you do too!

  2. I really hope I will like it too. It’s dragging on a bit, but I am only about 150 pages in, so everything might change.

  3. That’s too bad. My memory is that I liked it from the beginning. It could just not be to your taste.

  4. I think the problem is with me. I am currently reading a lot of contemporary books, and while JS&MN is definitely contemporary in terms of publication, I feel it’s written very much like something much older. It requires a little more concentration than my other books. It feels like my pacing is off when I pick it up, and my mind start to wonder, missing out on details. It’s somewhat frustrating, and I have a suspicion that the book is not to blame.

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