Scrambling for August. The woes of a reader

summer reading featureEarlier in spring I put together a list of novels and non-fiction books I would have liked read by the end of summer. That was my ultimate non-beach beach books, if you will. This week I suddenly realized that summer is half-way done and I still have nothing to show for it except Dan Brown’s Inferno. The situation is just not so cool anymore. But before I can jump into crossing items off my list, I need to finish multiple books I have already begun reading. Given that I will be reading Gone with the Wind with my Goodreads group and continuing Wolf Hall in August, I need to empty as much space on my reading schedule as I can. But books have a quality of a leaking roof: you think you plugged every one of those pesky holes, but suddenly there’s a new flood coming at you from every direction like a rushing waterfall.

Firstly, I checked my library account and found out that not one and not even two, but four books have arrived for me and are waiting to be picked up. When I was putting those goodies on hold, I sure did not expect them all to show up at the same time! Somehow I have to (you hear me? Have to!) get through them within next couple of weeks. For the curious, these are the books:

  1. Gunnar’s Daughter by Sigrid Undset (ILL)
  2. The Gunslinger by Stephen King
  3. Oxygen by Nick Lane (ILL)
  4. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

You might not be surprised to learn that I will be picking them up at the very last minute before my holds expire, just to give me a little wiggle room to finish my second Clarice Lispector paperback.

Secondly, I need to revise the number of books I will be reading for my summer selections. The beginning of August will mark the Shark Week – something I really don’t plan on missing. Originally the deal was to read one fiction and one non-fiction books dedicated to sharks. I might have to reduce to only one title (which most likely will be Jaws by Peter Benchley), but if there is any extra time that week, Close to the Shore by Michael Cappuzo will be another nice treat.  Here are the books on top of my priority list:

  1. The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
  2. Całe Zdanie Nieboszczyka by Joanna Chmielewska
  3. Summer: The World of Bounty by Bernd Heinrich
  4. Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler

So here’s the plan: READ, READ, READ! This weekend will be a readathon of sorts for me. Most importantly, I am looking forward to completing Cook’s The Black Company and Lispector’s The Breath of Life (Pulsations).


  1. “Books have a quality of a leaking roof: you think you plugged every one of those pesky holes, but suddenly there’s a new flood coming at you from every direction like a rushing waterfall.” So true! Especially with book blogs around to make so many more suggestions.

  2. I inevitably have several books on hold show up just as I’m starting to catch up on my reading. They get left until the last day, too. 🙂

  3. I keep thinking, is it rude of me to take a whole extra week holding on to the books and not letting others enjoy them? I hope not 🙂

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