Reading calendar [July 22, 2013]

I haven’t done this one in a over two months? Where does the time fly? Both June and July had been very enriching for me in terms of reading. I will write in greater detail about it during my monthly recap, but for now I would like to look into the future and see what it holds for me this week. Like I mentioned in my last post, I need to pick up some books from the library and get to them before the end of the month. I laugh at myself and my own impossible ambitions. Ha-ha *sadness*…  Past weekend went by pretty quick, and in-between all that fun I actually finished The Black Company, the notes on which I should be sharing with you sometime tomorrow. I did not read a single page of Clarice Lispector and for some reason it’s not even calling me. Is there such thing as a motivation pill?

I need to cross off Clarice this week, however, because she is almost due back in the library and I hate returning unfinished books. But something I am really looking forward to reading this week is a brand new author to me – Sigrid Undset. Madame Undset was an established Norwegian writer, who won Nobel Prize for Literature with her novel Kristin Lavransdatter and a  four-volume saga The Master of Hestviken. I chose to read her first novel called Gunnar’s Daughter as an introduction to her work because I generally like to follow an author’s growth in their art, instead of jumping from the top to the roots, to the numerous branches randomly. Besides, it is a relatively short novel, so I should be able to read it all before it has to fly back to Calgary in three weeks.

Starting with this selection I am hoping to expand my knowledge of Scandinavian literary scene, and especially the classics of the regions. I am very interested in good books from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Are there any old, pre-19th century books published in Finnish? Or were they all written in Swedish? My quick research indicates that the 1800’s were quite rich for Finland in terms of literature and that the country’s folk tale collection is one of the largest in the world. That makes me one happy reader.

Why Scandinavia? Well, I’ve been fascinated my Scandinavian mythology since very early years. That and also Greek mythology were covering the majority of my childhood’s readings. I love the traditional dress and the minimalistic aesthetics in everyday things. Does anyone have any recommendations for good authors whose bibliography I can get sucked into?Sigrid Gunner's daughter norwegian writer book blog

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