Reading calendar [July 29, 2013]

Well, last week wasn’t all too bad on the reading front. In fact, I finished two books and started another one, all while continuing to tread through the impassable forest of novels lined up on my nightstand. Bengtsson, Clavel, Dumas and Rothfuss are all staring at me from their dusty places and putting me through the worst of guilt trips. But that’s okay, because I still have some time before the end of the year, I tell myself. I still have time to clean that nightstand up. Instead I started The Gunslinger by Stephen King today *facepalm*.

One of the books I finished was Gunnar’s Daughter, of course. I will be posting my thoughts on it tomorrow, but I just have to mention that I was swept away by this both brutal and enchanting tale of medieval Norway. Sometime soon I will be putting The Master of Hestviken series on hold, just because I need some more Undset in my life. The Breath of Life by Clarice Lispector was done on Saturday, while I had some free time in the afternoon. This book was strange, and did not appeal to me as her first one – Near to the Wild Heart. There is a specific reason (which I find quite logical) why it didn’t work for me, so I am not giving up on her other works. Agua Viva is going to come home with me from the library as soon as the other reader returns the only copy back.

I also began reading Oxygen: The Molecule that Changed the World, which is a non-fiction book about – you guessed it, – oxygen. This is my second inter-library loan that cannot be renewed, and therefore must be read within next two weeks. The opening chapters are dedicated to formation of oxygen in atmosphere of the newborn Earth and its impact on life development. Sometimes it gets a bit too techy for things that could be explained more plainly. If I didn’t know basic early history of our planet, I’m sure I would have had a hard time following the author’s train of thought. He does repeat several concepts over and over though that help to reinforce the knowledge in my head. I am a bit worried about reading this one on time, since the book is almost four hundred pages long and the font is pretty tiny. The subject matter is not something that is easily skimmed, so I am stuck reading every word and trying to decipher the scholarly prose.  But I will try my best.

I am a bit behind on my readalong of Wall Hall already. I just can’t really get into Hilary Martel’s writing. It’s a bit too modern, too choppy for a historical fiction. But I am a stubborn reader and will persevere. In a way I am glad that Gone with the Wind hasn’t officially started – I might as well use this time to catch up. And as I said, my current commute buddy is Mr. Stephen King and his very first Dark Tower novel. I tried venturing into audiobooks with this one as my test ride, but it didn’t quite work (twice), so I am just going to stick to paper. I don’t expect it to take me too long to finish it. I should be done sometime this week.



  1. JAHirsch · ·

    Looks like you’re doing great on your Goodreads 2013 challenge (regardless whether the books are Dumas or Stephen Kind). Good luck with the last 18!

  2. Thank you! I am very surprised actually to be not only on track, but actually ahead of my challenge this year. I’ve been really struggling in the past, but now I make time specifically for reading. I’m also more involved with Goodreads, which really motivates me.

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