The blog turns 5 today!


the blog and I are having a time of our lives

Getting a reminder this morning from WordPress about my blog’s birthday was a surprise. Being such an irregular blogger I completely forgot about the date. But the timing is sort of funny, because only this week I was thinking about the future of Tasseled Book Blog.

My original plan was to wait till the new year to initiate a relaunch.This year I was extremely slack with book reviews, and this is one of the main issues I would like to address before I come back to blogging. There are over seventy books that I’ve read this year without writing about them. I simply see no point in me having a straight-forward review blog. I hate reviews and I don’t even do them on Goodreads. Instead I like to jot down my first impressions, thoughts on development, favorite quotes, reactions to plot twists, etc. That means lots and lots of spoilers! And who wants to read a blog that reveals the juicy details, unless it’s some celebrity gossip site? I would like to treat Tasseled as a reading journal, and I think I should switch my approach to blogging to match that. Evidently, the constant self-limitation in the past really discouraged me from writing. I guess my point is that after five whole years in publishing this nonsense, I still haven’t figured myself out, and that’s damn sad.

What I would like to do the most, of course, is to delete all of the previous content and start fresh, but I would really be wasting a big piece of personal history by doing that. This must be a bigger dilemma than the origins of the chicken and the egg. I will probably leave it all until a later date, just like Scarlett O’Hara would do. This week I might play with different layouts to see if there is anything that I like better. Until then, please wait for me!


  1. Happy blog birthday! I hope you can find an approach to blogging that you’re happy with.

  2. Strangely enough I was just thinking about your blog and wondering if you were updating any more. I find straight reviews difficult too. It’s those one-off posts that are the most fun to write, and that get the best reactions!

  3. I wasn’t feeling like posting for the longest time, unfortunately. And I knew if I pressured myself, my posts would just turn into uninspired garbage. Ultimately I decided to take a break. It’s not a job after all, right?

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