1. I think I’m gonna do it. I’ve got The Orenda and On Beauty on my bedside table, and dying to read The Luminaries and The Goldfinch. Throw in a few Russian classics and I should be set..maybe I’ll challenge myself to read ten…our fifteen!

  2. Glad to see you’re joining the challenge madness, Andrea! You’ve certainly read more chunksters this year than I have! 20! That’s fantastic! Good luck with this year’s challenge!

  3. Hey Laura, please do join! Big books need more love. Good luck with you goal, I’m sure you’ll be there in no time.

  4. Hi Cleo! I was always pretty bad at challenge, so I tend to avoid them. But there is something so inspirational about reaching a goal with a group of like-minded people! I just have to try again in 2014. Thank you for your wishes, i will try my best!

  5. Just realized On Beauty is 442 pages. Dang it!

  6. I once had a book at 448 pages! So I know what you mean!

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