Cover design feature: John Gall [Part 2]

Last year I featured some Haruki Murakami book covers designed by the incredible John Gall. You can read that post over here. His graphic design skills never seize to amaze me. And being a devoted fan that I am, I also had to purchase his book – Sayonara Home Run! The Art of the Japanese Baseball Card, – that is chock full of vintage Japanese baseball art. I bet he can use some of these images to illustrate a couple of Murakami’s books in the future.

I might post about Sayonara Home Run one day, but today I wanted to display his work done for a selection of Kobo Abe books published by Vintage. These have similar visual elements seen on Murakami’s covers, but are done in a matching sepia palette. Again, Gall relies heavily on collage, but adds some mathematical concepts to the mix. There are shapes resembling graphs and geometric designs, lines similar to the Cartesian coordinate system, and of course algebraic equations. This time the final product is more minimalist in nature, and I think fits Abe’s prose to a T.

john gall kobe abe design

There is a great brief interview with Gall posted on The Casual Optimist discussing the designer’s collage work and the process behind it. It’s really informative, so if you are interested in graphic design, hand-made collages, or beautiful avant-garde art head over there right now! Also, don’t forget to check out John Gall’s tumblr where he posts his latest creations for the world to see.


  1. Gorgeous, thanks for posting the interview & links. I love a good collage artist!

  2. You are welcome Jenny! I love collages too, partially because it’s more accessible to people with little art skills like me! But I think I’m still far from John Gall’s art.

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