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Hi all, If anyone is still checking out this blog, I am please to announce that I have moved to a different site at Chaika Books. I am posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so see you there!

The blog turns 5 today!

Getting a reminder this morning from WordPress about my blog’s birthday was a surprise. Being such an irregular blogger I completely forgot about the date. But the timing is sort of funny, because only this week I was thinking about the future of Tasseled Book Blog. My original plan was to wait till the new […]

Temporary Issues

I haven’t been blogging or even reading very much lately. Unfortunately it’s that time of year – final exams month. Last week was extremely chaotic! I had an exam or two every day followed by full-time job afterwards. For some reason my manager required me to pull off 35+ hours on an exam week, which […]

When winter catches up to you…

IMAGE CREDIT … I end up falling behind. Last weekend I didn’t read a single page of neither Zola nor Dickens. I did, however, enjoyed a marathon of season three of House MD. Sometimes I wish there were books as witty and sarcastic as Dr. Gregory House. There must be some out there, right?