I’m so very excited for today’s post! Yesterday I visited a local library sale and scored some really great books. I have to say this one was one of the most successful sales for me yet. But enough with introductions, because I cannot wait to how you what I brought home with me. Grab a […]

Where have I been? I’ve been watching movies and working on some of my projects, that’s where. February turned out to be a very good month for my creativity. Unfortunately it meant a little less time for reading. Nevertheless I did read a few great books that will eventually make their way to my blog. […]

Author: Agatha Christie, 1928 Genre: Mystery Format: Ebook, 350 pages My exploration of Hercule Poirot mysteries continues! This is the sixth book in the series about the famous Belgian detective and the last before Agatha Christie’s infamous breakdown and disappearance from public. The dame herself called this one “easily the worst book I ever wrote”, […]

Last year I featured some Haruki Murakami book covers designed by the incredible John Gall. You can read that post over here. His graphic design skills never seize to amaze me. And being a devoted fan that I am, I also had to purchase his book – Sayonara Home Run! The Art of the Japanese […]

Only a small percentage of all books that I’ve read made it to my “ultimate favourites” shelf. These are the books that I will re-read many times in my life; they are the ones I would grab first in a house fire; the books that will be keeping me company on an uninhabited island way […]

Author: Ernest Hemingway, 1940 Genre: War Fiction, Drama Format: Hardcover, 480 pages Ah, my second date with Hemingway. The last page is finally turned and the book is sent back to the library. Tears at the train station and promises to keep up. I won’t be lying when I say that our second encounter left […]

As promised I am continuing with my journey through Pushkin’s verse. I was actually looking forward to starting his narrative poetry section, because it felt like a trip down a memory lane. I read most of these for literature class in middle school and junior high. Naturally, because it’d been years upon years since those […]